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Our Story

In 2014 I had my own business. I hired a web developer to design my website and it cost a hell of a lot of money and once my website was finished and live online, I still incurred costs each month for small changes like changing appointment times or discount bookings, that totalled £1000s each year. So, I started to learn little bits of coding myself so that when it came to making changes on my website, I didn’t have to pay these extra costs.

Every time I made these changes to the website it caused part of my website to crash or fail, so then I would get in touch with my web guy and he would tell me this is why I needed a professional. It wasn’t until I changed the admin details restricting him from my website that I discovered that it was in fact my web developer sabotaging the changes I made, so he could make more money from me. I was very shocked and felt betrayed as you can imagine.

I spoke to someone about it and I was told that there are web developers about that will rip people off and charge stupid amounts of money. So, I decided to go to university and learn the trade as I wanted to put a stop to people being conned out of money. So, at the end of 3 years fully qualified became a freelance developer. I was popular with the prices I was charging but sometimes had too much work on, so I reached out to others that had been at university with me and other freelance web developers and we became a team of people that are very efficient and effective, we work well together.

After a year of success and consistent workload we decided to create a business for us all to work under and that’s how Business on a Plate was born.

6 Reasons to Choose Us

All the websites we produce are of high quality. Quality also relates to the ongoing service we provide to our clients.
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Making the best use of our resources we can maximise our output and complete all projects efficiently and in a timely manner.
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We have trust in our websites. To prove this, we offer our services to you at no cost until your website is ready to go live online.
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“Tough times don’t last, but tough teams do”

We are very dedicated to the work we produce, and this shows in the designs we have created.
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We are passionate about what we do and love getting involved with new projects. It is the passion that drives us.
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Our websites are great value for money, and this is reflected in the price
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Value for Money

Meet the Team



I’m Megan, I’m 26 and from Huddersfield. I’ve been a Web Developer since I was 21, I worked with a big audio company until I decided to become a freelancer. 

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Hi, I’m Adam I am 31 from Huddersfield, I have a bachelor’s degree in programming, graphic design, software and information architecture. 

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I am Nicola, 28 and I have a Bachelors’ Degree in Graphic Design. I am a Digital Nomad; I am in Bali at the time of writing this. I travel as I work. 



Hi everyone, I’m Antony, I’m 38 years of age and have been part of many businesses over the years in the IT Department. I love the work I do and I’m very creative and passionate. 



I’m Floyd and I have a degree in English, Journalism and Marketing. I am from the boroughs of Harrogate, a lovely place if you don’t know it. 

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Hello, my name is Misha I’m from Leicester and I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Information Technology. I also have writing and computer skills including knowledge of SEO practices.  

“Individually we are just drops, but together we are an ocean”

Our Happy Clients!

Read what people are saying about us

I have no hesitation in recommending Business on a plate they are very efficient; we had a deadline to go live and they managed this effortlessly.




Don’t just take our word for it… Business on a plate focused on producing work that not only looks great, but helped our clients connect with us.

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